Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweetest kiss

The sweetest kiss I have ever seen! Canyon is a total daddy's boy and i love watching him copy every thing Dustin does! I am one lucky lady to get to watch this love grow!

Easter Eggies

Easter this year for our little "bunny" was fantastic! He absolutely loved hunting the eggs! He would go from egg to egg picking them up and shaking them to see if they had candy in them! He was such a great hunter this year! Every year has gotten better in my life but i sure don't was my little guy to grow up too fast!

One by one he placed every "eggie" in hus dinosaur basket! The easter bunny was so good to him this year! Papa bunny even brought him a tractor! He love love loves his tractor and his big papa.

Easter this year was so exciting and i absolutely love the age Canyon is at! He is just the sweetest little thing and we are truly blessed for every day God gives us with him!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Boys

Look how lucky I am!!! I get to spend the rest of my life with these two handsome fellas! These boys have been my rock when days are bad and are usually the source of all my good days as well. I truely found the love of my life with Dustin and God blessed us so much with Canyon! I just wated to post a little picture of my boys because I am so proud of them both.

I love you so very much,


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Canyon and I waking side by side on the beach. Theres nothing sweeter than watching a baby step foot in the sand for the very first time!
Hawaii 2011!

This is a little re-cap of our hawaii trip! There were tons of pictures but these are a few of my favorite ones! Below: We were waiting to go whale watching. The whales were amazing and so very beautiful! Canyon was such a good boy the whole trip and he loved the whales. I was very worried that we would fall off the boat and they would swallow C whole! So you can only imagine how miserable and annoying it was for him to have his momma clinging for dear life to him when there was'nt even any danger! But he was a trooper. This picture of Dustin and Canyon is one of my favorites! We were attending a Luau, we were waiting for someone to lei us because that what you see in movies all the time, and this is where we all got our first leis! It was an amazing diner and show. This is a picture of when we arrived at the airport. It was a very very very long flight and we were happy to be on the ground but then we walked out and saw how beautiful the airport was we could only imagine how beautiful the rest of the island was!

So we have had temperatures up in to the 90's for a few weeks now and today we wake up to see that the high for today is in the 50's! Crazy how cold this weather feels now that we are use to the warm weather. So i thought today would be a wonderful day to share so of our picutes from hawaii to warm us up a bit.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Attempt

I am gonna try this again! I always get off track and let the business in life keep me from blogging!! I would like to blog more regularly because i love to go back and read the fun things and feel all the emotions i write all over again!! So let me just catch you and myself up a little! Well we went through a miscarrage a few months ago and i think i handled the devistation quite well! See, we prayed and prayed for a baby and worked really hard (hehe) for 7 months for that baby! We found out i was pregnant the day of my grandmothers funeral so a little piece of me was thinking that my grandmother and God were working together on this! Shes a very persistant woman and im sure she is getting everything she wants still in heavan! I miss her! We found out that the baby did not make it on december 6th. We were very very sad but keeping faith that God has a bigger and better plan for that baby in heaven helps me get through it! It also has made my marriage stronger so Gods hand was all over the situation!! Its easy to see Gods hand in the good times but hard to see it in the bad times! He is always present! So, after all this hard times me and dustin decided we needed some wonderful in our life! We decided that we would take a little trip to Hawaii! Let me just say AMAZING! I feel in love with Maui. It was absolutly georgous and i think i should live there one day. We went whale watching and that was fantabulous. As these humongo creatures were jumping out of the water so close to our boat, all i could think was.. God is so amazing! We were lucky enough to have my little sister hannah and mom there with us, they made the trip so much more special! Also...we got a new boat!!! Its so beautiful. Its red and Black and its a Supra. Dustin continues to tell me that "we fly SUPRA" but i still dont know what it means. All i know is i love love the boat. We took it to the lake a few weekends ago and had a blast UNTIL we had to get it back on the trailer! Oh i was so nervous and embarrased. Our old boat took about 5 minutes to load, this boat took FOREVER! Not only was it tough to figure out how to get in on the trailer straight we alos had an audience. EMBARRASSING, but worht it for sure. You might be wondering how my Canyon is doing. He is still perfect! He is the cutest, sweetest little thing ever. We are going through a rocky stage right now, we are calling it "battle of the boss." Most of the time i think he's winning but there are a few (very rare) occurances where i feel good about my self and think im winning... shortlky after that thought Canyon puts me back in my place! He is growing like a weed and is so handsome! He has tons of teeth and knows how to use those babies! I am so greatful that God is allowing me to get to be part of Canyons life! I am so blessed that God picked me to raise up this little man to know Christ better! I pray everyday for the wisdom to teach him the right ways. In the world we live in today its a scary thing but this is part of my journey! We are so blessed! So now, we are happy where life has brought us and are excited to see where we are going! We are still praying for Gods will with a new baby and for guidance with raising Canyon. We are excited to hit the lake this summer and make the most of all our time together!

Friday, September 10, 2010

So i didnt want Canyons first birthday to go by with out getting professional photos taken of my sweet baby boy. I had called around to several places and no one could get him in! So what did i do you might ask?..... I put my professional photographer hat on and i took some photos of my sweetie!! Ok so they dont have my signature on the bottom but they still look good to me!! There are several more that i like but these are just a few of my favorites! Hes getting so big and i dont want to miss a second of his sweetness! We love you booger bear!


We had a few birthday parties for out little man and that means a few cakes! Of course i went over board and we had a different cake for the parties! They were so cute and way to big! There was tons left over and left over cake is a weakness in this house! So what did we do with all these sweets??? In the trash they went!!! We are trying to loose weight in this house theres no way we could keep these yummie cakes around!! But we got some good pictures and those will last forever! Way better that the tire around my tummie lasting forever! I love you Canyon but your sweet enough for this house we dont need all your cake eventhough they served as a great center piece during your party!! Happy birthday!
i love you