Saturday, September 12, 2009

sleepy in love

My poor little guy has his days and nights mixed up! okay poor me!!!! Im so sleepy but i can handle it! I tried to keep him awake for a while today to maybe switch the pattern but it just broke my heart to see this sleepy sleepy boy in my arms crying because me and his daddy were picking on him. So instead of continuing to try to pry his little eyes open i let him sleep, and now i am tired and he is ready to eat and listen to someone talk to him. I am tired but i am just in awe and so amazed at his innocence to be upset! Maybe it would be easier to switch myself to his schedule! ha ha Well i do have to report that i am getting better at changing his diaper and he has not peed in his face today! We did have a close call but i caught it in time that it just got in his hair, on his back and his belly! Hopefully one day we can just make it in the diaper! I love my life!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canyon Scott Bownds
born 9-1-09
6lbs and 20 inches long

I never truely loved till i saw this babys face! I love my family and i love my husband but this thing i feel is just different! I now know an unconditional type of love. I now know how my parents feel. This little boy could never do anything to change my feelings for him EVER!
He is my world, my heart and my little boy. I am so blessed to have him in my life and i feel bad for those that dont get to see him every day! He makes my heart smile and my eyes water with overwhelmning joy every time i look at him. It may be the hormones or just the greatfulness i feel inside that makes me cry tears of joy daily. Everyday i pray, and thank God for placing Canyon in mine and Dustins life. My world has change and now things are put into a happier perspective! I will never look back and wish things had turned out differently. My only regret is waiting this long to meet the man that would change my heart! But God had perfect timing to place little C in my life when he did! I am looking forward to growing, laughing and learning with my new little heart living on the outside of me! Its weird to see your heart in the hands ofsomeone you barely even know but love so much that nothing else mastters! I love my life, my family and i love you Canyon!!!