Thursday, February 12, 2009


i am a newbie to the blogging world, so i thought I would just give you a quick run down on who i am. Where do i start? My name is Katy, i am married to a great guy who is amazing to me when he wants to be! I have an awesome family that just keeps growing. My favorite things to do is to hang out with hannah, gracie,jake, ky, and ky-leigh. They always have something funny to say!!! I just opened a baby boutique and am loving every minute of it (except the whole working part). Thankfully i am done with school but i wouldn't mind going back! I love to go on cruises and hopefully dustin will take me again soon.I don't spell very good. I talk alot and listen alot. I don't really like drama, but its okay if i'm not in it, i just like to know what is going on with others. My friends are amazing and i hope i am as good of a friend to them as they are to me. I wish i was more friendly and not so intimidated by others. I love sleeping and watching movies in bed! I don't really like crowded places, i kinda have a fear of crowds.. that or i just don't like letting people see me when I'm in an ugly outfit! i never have anything cute to wear. I love wearing high heels but my jeans shrink so often i look like a muffin top waiting on a flood! hehe

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