Friday, June 19, 2009


So, here i am!!! I just found out how to do this so i have alot of catching up to do. I thought this picture would be perfect for my blog today because i am having a terrible day. I am having them more frequently now a days (hopefully due to the pregnancy hormones and dreaded bed rest, kinda gets a girl down.) On my bad days these are the people i turn to to make me happy again! My mom is amazing and i love her so much.. she has been gone from me on and off for weeks and i miss her being here on a day to day basis, but i do understand that im not the only person who needs her in this world. Holly is here and she really does try to make things better and i appreciate her for that. Shes a great sister and she makes beautiful babies! Her boys are so cute and can make any day brighter... but being on bed rest i dont get out much to see my Jake and im sad! Sarah is my cookie and always trys to make things seem better than they really are. It often gets her in trouble with me but she trys! Hannah is my heart and shes so helpful but shes off playing at the park with mom and dad. Gracie is so stinkin cute and sweet.. makes me sad that i dont get to see her smiling face daily!! i know im not supposed to be but i am very jelous of each of them because they all see eachother often...and i am here stuck with my husband! Ha
So, let me just say that bed rest sucks!!! I try not to be negative because i love this little baby growing inside of me and i want him to take his time and get big and healthy befor he makes his apperance but i am having a hard time just waiting! I am extremly impatient and emotional on a regular basis just inagine how it is now!! My poor family has to put up with my every emotion wich is mostly crying. And i am not one to just cry a little when i cry i cry like a big baby wikth the convulsions and all its getting rediculous! Oh and i own a baby boutique that is completely being neglected due to all the drama i always have going on in my life. I always wonder if anyone elses life is as dramatic as mine or if i just bring it on myself???
On the brighter side of life... You guessed it... Im having a baby!!! His name will be Canyon Scott and he is due September 28. I am so excited not only to get out of the house next week but i get to finally see what my little baby looks like!! For the last 6 months he is this amazing baby that i do love but he has no face and i bet he is tired of me not knowing what he looks like! I just hope that he is as cute as my niece and nephews. I will write tomarrow telling about more but i dont want to overwhelm my MANY READERS with a book just because im bored! ha ha

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