Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers day!!

Today is Dustins very first fathers day!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY! He is going to be a great dad and I can't wait to watch Dustin and my little boy do MAN things together! I was thinking yesterday how blessed i am to be having a little boy because no longer am i gonna have to help mow, set post, or any kind of man activity. Although i may feel a little left out of all the chores one day.... i think ill manage! Ha, this is a great day and i can't wait for all the many fathers days to come!
Love you babe

Thats my daddy!! I am very blessed to have a daddy like this! He is the greatest. Hes always there for me and my sisters no matter what. We have never wated are needed anything that my dad did not get us. He made it really hard on our husbands because they will never live up to the man we call DAD. I am so greateful for the love he has shown me and for the lessons him and my mom taught me in life! The have shown me how to love, how to handle situations and how to never take anything for granted. This blog can not even explaine a tenth of how much i love him but my sisters blog says it all! She did so good and hit the hammer right on the nail with how she explained him! We love you so much daddy!

I love you dad!

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