Wednesday, June 24, 2009

While all my family is having fun together in dallas im headed to the beach!! okay not really but i have been thinging about going into my closet..finding my bikini, putting it on, laying on the couch, closing my eyes and imagining that this picture will be the view from my couch! Wishful thinking i know but if i have to lay around all day i can dream im somewhere more amazing than the couch! Ahhhhh i need a beach in my back yard.

Well, me and dustin and my mom went to a 3-d sonogram yesterday moning! I was very excited and loved seeing my little boy! He really is a cutie even though the images were very fuzzy. I still dont know which one of us he looks like more but im leaning more towards ME! I guess we will see in a few weeks. My whole family is at market trying to get more inventory for mine and sarahs stores! Its a bummer for me because last market i was in the hospital being sick sick sick with canyon and this time im on bed rest with canyon! BOOOOOOOO! But i hope they are having fun and im anxious to see what they get and home much of my money is out the door! Oh gosh that makes me stressed!


  1. Ha! I need a beach too!! LOL! We are getting great things for your store!!

  2. Awww. . I will go to the beach with you in your mind too. . but do one favor for me. . . will you imagine that I'm much skinnier?!? I love you so much.