Sunday, August 23, 2009

im blessed

i am the luckiest girl alive!! (today) well i am out of the hospital and i have been staying at my moms house. she is the most amazing person i have ever met and i love her so much! She has been such a blessing in my life, she has taken care of me and kept me company and made me realize that i am never alone.. shes always right there beside me. I love you mom, you have truely helped me more than you know and i love you so much! Thanks for putting up with me and helping me through this hard time in my life!

Also my sister sarah came into town and her daughter has made my weekend!!! I get very lonely on bed rest but i had the best company ever this weekend. Gracie crawled up in bed with me every day this weekend and stayed right by my side for HOURS watchin our favorite cartoons! Shes so sweet and i enjoyed her company.

This maybe my last weekend pregnant!! Wahooo im so excited but there is still alot to do. One thing that i checked off the list today was pictures. I wanted to have a few pictures taken of me and Dustin as a couple for the last time before the new adition arrives. Sarah got some really good shots and i am excited to put those in Canyons scrap book.

Even though i spent 98% of the weekend in bed i had an amazing weekend with my wonderful family, and i appreciate all of yall and love you very much!

Monday, August 10, 2009

lovely weekend

so this weekend was my one year anniversary!! oh my gosh i can not seriously believe we made it this far!! he got me a beautiful necklace, an apple tv and a gift card for pretty panties! I'm guessing my pregnant panties are not doing the trick for him! well i got him an xm radio and took him to the Hilton for a night without barking dogs! it was very interesting! i have never been one that anyone has called SEXY, but hey a girls got to try! i put on this cute little outfit ( don't forget I'm 8 months pregnant) and tried to prance around looking somewhat sexy... ha well i tried to take a sexy bite of a strawberry covered in red syrup stuff from the top of a cheese cake and as it was falling off the pop sickle stick and rolling onto my chin, down my neck and all over my outfit i then realized that I'm just not that kind of girl!! I'm more sporty spice NOT sexy spice!! ha ha it was so stinking funny and a little embarrassing! ha ha maybe one day ill take a lesson in how to eat a strawberry to turn a guy on but i very seriously doubt it will be as funny!

Today my mom is going to my sister without me once again! Oh i am so sad but am looking forward to them getting me some great things from market! I hope they have fun! Love ya'll!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

oh i feel like pooo today!! see i have been CRAVING orange juice and my little guy has jokes already!! i want these things and am thinking hmm he must want them to if the craving is so extreme! well he dosnt!! he obviously hates orange juice and anything else that is good in the mornings! oh it makes me so sad! im so ready for him to be out so i can be normal! (ok i know i will never have a normal life again so hold the comments!) but i would love to eat and only taste it once, run again , sleep on my tummy, and wear outfits that dont have elastic in them!! is that too much to ask? well im 32 and a half weeks and i am counting down the days till its over and i have my prince charming in my arms!!

i love you canyon but you have to give me a break.. PLEASE!!! please be a good baby so i can appreciate all i have endured with you in my tummy and be grateful that you were so rotten inside of me because you are planning to be the sweetest non crying always breathing baby out here in mommys world! i love you!