Monday, August 10, 2009

lovely weekend

so this weekend was my one year anniversary!! oh my gosh i can not seriously believe we made it this far!! he got me a beautiful necklace, an apple tv and a gift card for pretty panties! I'm guessing my pregnant panties are not doing the trick for him! well i got him an xm radio and took him to the Hilton for a night without barking dogs! it was very interesting! i have never been one that anyone has called SEXY, but hey a girls got to try! i put on this cute little outfit ( don't forget I'm 8 months pregnant) and tried to prance around looking somewhat sexy... ha well i tried to take a sexy bite of a strawberry covered in red syrup stuff from the top of a cheese cake and as it was falling off the pop sickle stick and rolling onto my chin, down my neck and all over my outfit i then realized that I'm just not that kind of girl!! I'm more sporty spice NOT sexy spice!! ha ha it was so stinking funny and a little embarrassing! ha ha maybe one day ill take a lesson in how to eat a strawberry to turn a guy on but i very seriously doubt it will be as funny!

Today my mom is going to my sister without me once again! Oh i am so sad but am looking forward to them getting me some great things from market! I hope they have fun! Love ya'll!


  1. LOL!! I can so see you doing this!! You are the funniest person I know!! vI love you!

  2. LOL, that was a mental picture!!!! And so something I would do. Not into all that fancy stuff!!
    Hope you are feeling alright and doing what the dr. says!!