Tuesday, August 4, 2009

oh i feel like pooo today!! see i have been CRAVING orange juice and my little guy has jokes already!! i want these things and am thinking hmm he must want them to if the craving is so extreme! well he dosnt!! he obviously hates orange juice and anything else that is good in the mornings! oh it makes me so sad! im so ready for him to be out so i can be normal! (ok i know i will never have a normal life again so hold the comments!) but i would love to eat and only taste it once, run again , sleep on my tummy, and wear outfits that dont have elastic in them!! is that too much to ask? well im 32 and a half weeks and i am counting down the days till its over and i have my prince charming in my arms!!

i love you canyon but you have to give me a break.. PLEASE!!! please be a good baby so i can appreciate all i have endured with you in my tummy and be grateful that you were so rotten inside of me because you are planning to be the sweetest non crying always breathing baby out here in mommys world! i love you!

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  1. LOL! You are so silly!! you arent going to ever sleep because you are going to constanly check him to make sure he iss till breathing...