Monday, July 27, 2009


yea yea so last mondays post was sooo inspiring.. blah blah blah! no im kidding im still blaming everything on myself but i am soooo over being pregnant! seriously this pregnancy thing last way to long! im 31 weeks now and i sure hope this little boy comes early, not too early but early! my goodness i am the fattest roundest thing in the world! ok i know im not but i feel like i am!! and yesterday i caught my husband checking out this cute little blonde sitting poolside! i could have cried and beat the crap out of him all in the same second.. that little episode led to my bad dream that he went to the nasty bar and i beat the tar out of him! needless to say i woke up from that dream so angry that it has affected my whole day! well when i have this baby and get bikini thin for the first time in my life im gonna go to the pool and yell out on a bull horn "hey big fellas.. look over here.. umm can you put come sunscreen on my back? im having a hard time reaching!" then im gonna flip my long blonde hair and make dustin watch from the car! ha well maybe not that exact situation but you get the hint! i think when the wife gets pregnant the man should have to constantly have an eyelash stuck in his eye so its uncomfortable to see!! haha well it makes me laugh! oh gosh life will be so fun when canyon gets here!

come out come out.. i want to hold you in my arms and stare at you all day. Im so excited to meet you, i love you and im getting your room ready so anytime to arrive is a good time with me!

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