Wednesday, July 1, 2009


ahhhhhh! im am seriously in a bad mood. today i have been on bed rest for over a month and im am so over it! i want my baby to be healthy and happy but seriously the days keep getting longer and all i can do is prepare my speech for next weeks doctors appointment about how this is unnecessary! im very dissappointed in my lovely sister sarah... can you believe that every time a tear falls from her eye i run to catch it before it hits the ground and she has yet to come down and see me and not only that shes a crappy caller backer! now on to my next complaint.. the morning sickness is back and we are not friends!!! oh and its fourth of july weekend and that means that there is a storm brewing in the bownds household! we fight every year on the fourth because dustin is wreckless and selfish with his time and fireworks!! this year will be no different i can assure you.. oh oh and my whole family is headed off to vacation it up while i lay on my booty... it is so sad!!! but everyone reading, dry your eyes and dont cry for me because one day i will be back among the living and will have a rockin body that will make all my family jelous and then i will take my baby and vaca it up at an amazing location and leave them at home!! and no they are not invited to my get a way and they are not invited to my pitty party either! i hope tomarrow will be better

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