Friday, July 3, 2009

I am so excited about the fourth of july!! woohoo my husband is going to get me a lay down lawn chair so i can lay outside tomarrow night and watch the fireworks!! This will be our first married and in the new house fourth so i will be curious if our road will be busy with fun colors in the sky! Oh and im gonna have dustin make me some deviled eggs!! yummm my favorite! such and exciting weekend! I will turn 28 weeks pregnant this weekends and thats way better than 23 when i started all this in the house boring bed rest! i can't believe i have made it this far without pulling my hair out! only 8 weeks to go and my canyon will be here! i can't wait to feel that feeling of knowing that no matter what this little man will love me instantly just as much as i love him! But it may sound silly but i am sooooo looking forward to laying on my tummy again! Oh it has been so long. Today while i am home i am researching my next vacation! Well off to the lake in my mind.... have a happy 4th of july!!

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