Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 29

So, this is pregnancy week 29 for me and im sooo ready for it to be over!! But this is a very exciting week for me!! I dont get to do much since i am on bed rest but i do have a busy week. This week i have a doctors appointment and i love doctors appointments because every week i get to see my little man! Most women dont get this but i guess when your high risk your some kinda special! Thats the only plus about all this is i get to see him in there and make sure hes doing wonderful in there weekly! Also i talked my doctor into letting me go get my hair done!! So super exciting! I havnt had my hair done since i was like 16 weeks.. Forever ago!!!! My roots are like 5 inches long now!! Im so excited. Also this saturday is my baby shower!! I am so excited about this because its going to be amazing!!! Even if noone shows up it will be great. I have the best sisters (yea me and sarah like eachother again) and the bestest friend ever! They are going to make this a wonderful shower! I can't wait to see how its gonna turn out! I will post tomarrow with update on how much Canyon weighs this week! I bet hes a big boy or i hope so, then i might have an excuse about the weight gain!!

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  1. I cannot wait to see our little man. You r doing so good! I love you!