Friday, September 10, 2010

So i didnt want Canyons first birthday to go by with out getting professional photos taken of my sweet baby boy. I had called around to several places and no one could get him in! So what did i do you might ask?..... I put my professional photographer hat on and i took some photos of my sweetie!! Ok so they dont have my signature on the bottom but they still look good to me!! There are several more that i like but these are just a few of my favorites! Hes getting so big and i dont want to miss a second of his sweetness! We love you booger bear!


We had a few birthday parties for out little man and that means a few cakes! Of course i went over board and we had a different cake for the parties! They were so cute and way to big! There was tons left over and left over cake is a weakness in this house! So what did we do with all these sweets??? In the trash they went!!! We are trying to loose weight in this house theres no way we could keep these yummie cakes around!! But we got some good pictures and those will last forever! Way better that the tire around my tummie lasting forever! I love you Canyon but your sweet enough for this house we dont need all your cake eventhough they served as a great center piece during your party!! Happy birthday!
i love you

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Day

Today we had a family day! Some of you might as "what is that?" It's AMAZING! We took Canyon to the park and went for a walk just the three of us! It was so nice to get to visit and enjoy playing with Canyon. This was his first time to go to a big kid park! His favorite part was the slide! He was so brave, he went down like a big boy and kept trying to climb back up. He's growing to fast!

My favorite part was being with my two favortie boys! Just to see them enjoyiung eachother makes for a wonderful day! I love to watch Canyons face light up when he plays with his daddy. When Dustin is around i am the biggest looser in Canyons book! Im ok with that for now becaus ei know and i hope its just a phase!!

Dustins favorite part was pushing Booger around in his new car! Canyon acted a little to big in that car, opening and closing the door, honking the horn and i even caught him trying to make a phone call while driving!! Kids these days!!


These are some pictures from Canyons first birthday party! It was CRAZY! It was an amazing day but no one warned me that i would be overwhelmed with people and presents and all the craziness that can go on during party time! You know me im more of the quiet no crowds kind of girl and this party was completely opposite!! I was shocked after everyone left to realize that me and Dustin never had an ugly look or word with eachother! Maybe i was to distracted by my high blood pressure and panic attack to notice all the things he was doing wrong! haha just kidding kinda! i Absolutley had a blast at his birthday party and wouldnbt change a thing!! I love this littke guy and everything that goes with him! Such as the million toys he recieved that i had to find a place for!! Happy 1st Birthday Booger!!

Choo Choo!

Choo choo!! Here comes Canyon!! This is little C with his Thomas the train, he loves this toy! Hes always acting like hes driving and when his daddy pushes him around he says "whoo whoo!" Its crazy how time flys, the picture below is just a few months prior and he looks so small! I wish time could stand still so i caould take in all my little mans facial expressions and his giggles!

Here is the side view of my little man! He is all boy and this particular day he couldnt decide if he would rather be in pirate mode or train conductor mode! This thomas the train toy is newer and he loves for his daddy to push him around!!