Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Day

Today we had a family day! Some of you might as "what is that?" It's AMAZING! We took Canyon to the park and went for a walk just the three of us! It was so nice to get to visit and enjoy playing with Canyon. This was his first time to go to a big kid park! His favorite part was the slide! He was so brave, he went down like a big boy and kept trying to climb back up. He's growing to fast!

My favorite part was being with my two favortie boys! Just to see them enjoyiung eachother makes for a wonderful day! I love to watch Canyons face light up when he plays with his daddy. When Dustin is around i am the biggest looser in Canyons book! Im ok with that for now becaus ei know and i hope its just a phase!!

Dustins favorite part was pushing Booger around in his new car! Canyon acted a little to big in that car, opening and closing the door, honking the horn and i even caught him trying to make a phone call while driving!! Kids these days!!

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