Tuesday, September 7, 2010


These are some pictures from Canyons first birthday party! It was CRAZY! It was an amazing day but no one warned me that i would be overwhelmed with people and presents and all the craziness that can go on during party time! You know me im more of the quiet no crowds kind of girl and this party was completely opposite!! I was shocked after everyone left to realize that me and Dustin never had an ugly look or word with eachother! Maybe i was to distracted by my high blood pressure and panic attack to notice all the things he was doing wrong! haha just kidding kinda! i Absolutley had a blast at his birthday party and wouldnbt change a thing!! I love this littke guy and everything that goes with him! Such as the million toys he recieved that i had to find a place for!! Happy 1st Birthday Booger!!

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