Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh Boy!!! Today me and Dustin got to have a little fun and watch Jake!! He is so cute and fun that we are tired from laughing and giggiling at all his funny faces that he makes at us. We started the day off by playing with a tea set that makes lots of noise! Then we made our way over to the pink bouncy cow. Jake really enjoyed it until that silly cow started to buck. But hes a true cowboy because he got right back on and showed that cow who was BOSS!!

After we got tired of the cow we let Riley and Honeybun in to play. Jake loved the dogs and he was so good with them! We had a great time and we love him so much!! He makes me and dustin look forward to our little man playing around here!

Yesterday we got out new toy home and we started to work! I thought i would share one of our sons first monogrammed items!!

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