Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Canyon and I waking side by side on the beach. Theres nothing sweeter than watching a baby step foot in the sand for the very first time!
Hawaii 2011!

This is a little re-cap of our hawaii trip! There were tons of pictures but these are a few of my favorite ones! Below: We were waiting to go whale watching. The whales were amazing and so very beautiful! Canyon was such a good boy the whole trip and he loved the whales. I was very worried that we would fall off the boat and they would swallow C whole! So you can only imagine how miserable and annoying it was for him to have his momma clinging for dear life to him when there was'nt even any danger! But he was a trooper. This picture of Dustin and Canyon is one of my favorites! We were attending a Luau, we were waiting for someone to lei us because that what you see in movies all the time, and this is where we all got our first leis! It was an amazing diner and show. This is a picture of when we arrived at the airport. It was a very very very long flight and we were happy to be on the ground but then we walked out and saw how beautiful the airport was we could only imagine how beautiful the rest of the island was!

So we have had temperatures up in to the 90's for a few weeks now and today we wake up to see that the high for today is in the 50's! Crazy how cold this weather feels now that we are use to the warm weather. So i thought today would be a wonderful day to share so of our picutes from hawaii to warm us up a bit.

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