Monday, June 14, 2010

valentines day

Happy Valentines day!!!

okay okay i know its june 14th 2010!! i know its not valentines but i have not updated in a long while!!

This was the most amazing valentines ever!! Just having canyon in my life is a gift! i know i want other gifts from my husband but truthfully just seeing my sons happy face is enough to make my day and holidays amazing!! Two days before valentines was the very first time Canyon stayed with someone other than my mom or his aunts! He stayed with my aunt Martha so me and dustin could go to diner! I trust her and she was great with Canyon but i just couldnt get home to him quick enough! I know people say it gets easier but hey, give me time!! Yes its June now and i still can' leave him!!!! ahhh yes its true, i am one of those over obsessive mothers that dosnt trust that anyone will take care of him and make him happy the way i do!! In all reality he probley likes the breat from me aas well!!

The monkey he is sitting with was a gift from Canyons big papa (my dad) and he absolutely loves his life size monkey!! Believe it or not he is rolling in the living room floor with that same monkey!! Over all it was an amazing valentines!!

i love you C

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