Monday, June 14, 2010

vegas baby!

So for moms birthday we went to Vegas! We had never been before and were sooooo excited to go! We absolutely loved it!

The first night we were there all of us girls went to see the "O" show! It was the water show and it just blew me away! We all loved it except hannah htought it was too long! ha! Thankfully my husband understood that i never get girl time and he didnt mind staying back and keeping Canyon for the night and most of the weekend! We also went and saw the lion kind which was great and the zumanity show. Yes zumanity was my first topless scene! haha i had no idea it was like that and thankfully Dustin was back at the hotel with C because i dont think i would have ever gotten him out of the show! Boobs were everywhere and the one hott guy that we saw kissed another man and it just ruined his hotness for me!

We were so afraid my dad would hate Vegas because of the crowds and the walking but it was great he loved it!! I love having my family all together enjoying life!!

So... so far Canyon has been to Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and of course Texas!!

We had a blast!!

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