Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This was an amazing weekend with our newest photographer. We went out to this rail road set up out on the west side of town and were ready to smile for the camera! It had been in the upper 70's low 80's all week up until picture time. When we woke up this particular morning is was very cold and rainy! We decided to tuff it out and get our pictures done. It was so cold and all we had packed for canyon was short sleeve outfits! He was such a trooper and although his nose was as red as a cherry he smiled very nicely!

Dosnt he look so handsome and big in this wagon!! He had just recently learned how to sit up and was still a bit wobbly and when i went to move my hair out of my mouth (from the wind blowing) bloop, there Canyon went and fell right out of the wagon! He didnt cry just gave me a dissapointing look then went back to smiling! He is so stinkin cute! He stole the heart of Ashley (our photographer) with his growling! Canyon is not only the cutest little thing but he has ambition to one day be a real live dinosaur! Hes constantly growling and having competitions with us on whos scarier and loudest! Man I love this life!!

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