Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This was Canyons first trip to the lake and first ride on the boat! I was kinda nervous that it would be miserable but Canyon loved it! Not once did he cry. He didnt seem to be bothered by his life jacket at all! He enjoyed watching his mom and daddy play on the wake board and tube. He also took a quick nap while riding! It was so great to have the family all together going through Canyons first with us! Just wait one day Canyon will be teaching me how to wake board! We also had a few friends go along with us! When i say friends i mean Jake and Jaxson (cousins). This was their first boat ride as well! The boys did so amazing and loved the wind in their hair and the warm weather! It was perfect for napping! Jake did have a small problem when his mom played on the tube. Maybe he thought she was gonna drowned or leave him but one day he will be out there having a great time as well! I love that the boys are so close!

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